Self adhesive labels

этикетка самоклеящаяся с препринтом

Self adhesive labels are very popular in different areas of manufacture.

They are durable, simplify the process of marking and look attractively. Also these labels are important marketing attribute of any product. They attract attention of buyers and form the initial impression about any product. The colorful, originally designed labels serve as its additional advertising. In addition, on the label indicates the goods structure and recommendations how to use it.


этикетка самоклеящаяся с препринтом

Besides usual labels there are also preprinted labels. They contain not only a variable (goods structure, properties and etc.) but also invariable information, for example a company manufacturer logo. Preprinted labels are very popular in manufacture of food products, drinks and various industrial goods and etc. They can be put on polluted, relief and other difficult surfaces and also on plastic containers.

Unitary enterprise “VIAL-CAS” sells both wholesale and retail.

этикетка самоклеящаяся с препринтом

There are two types of the label: TOP and ECO. Also there is a wide range of self adhesive thermolabels for food products (thermo, eco, top), frozen products, plastic containers, clothes and footwear, promotional products (outdoor advertising in subway and transport), industrial labels for the relief, polluted and oil surfaces.


Our managers of sales will help you make the right choice based on the specifics of your business.

ECO is a self adhesive thermolabel with one layer which is used for printing for text and graphic information, barcodes. The structure of the label is: paper which is used as a basis, primer which helps to produce high quality printing and thermal sensitive chemical covering.

TOP is a label with a protective layer which protects an image from the adverse effects of external factors. For these labels the increased humidity, sharp change of temperatures isn't terrible.

For printing can be used a thermal transfer ribbon, which expense is considered one to one proceeding from a thermolabel expense. Unitary enterprise “VIAL-CAS” has a wide choice of tapes based on wax, resin and combined.

Do not forget that the label is an important element of your advertising!

этикетка самоклеящаяся с препринтом

- 30x20 (2000 pcs.) (quantity of labels in one roll)

- 40х25 (1000 pcs.)

- 40х28 (1000 pcs.)

- 40х40 (1000 pcs.)

- 43х25 (1000 pcs.)

- 50х83 (500 pcs.)

- 52х40 (1000 pcs.)

- 52х47 (1000 pcs.)

- 52х60 (1000 pcs.)

- 56х25 (700 pcs.)

- 58х29 (900 pcs.)

- 58х30 (900 pcs.)

- 58х38 (1000 pcs.)

- 58х40 (650 pcs.)

- 58х60 (450 pcs.)

- 58х59 (500 pcs.)

- 58х83 (500 pcs.)

- 100х40 (1000 pcs.)

- 100х305 (1000 pcs.)

- 150х100 (1000 pcs.)