Cash equipment

Every year the competition in trade is growing rapidly and the consumer has high requirements for the level of service. The greatest success has been achieved to those shops, restaurants and communication salons where are used the latest technologies in telecommunication which give to the buyers maximum opportunities.

The abbreviation of POS occurred from the phrase «point of sale». All modern cash equipment should provide the speed and strict accounting. POS-systems could make all these advantages because they include a fiscal register (a receipt printer), an integrated processor, a touch screen, a customer display, a cash drawer, a programmable keyboard, a card reader. All these integrated modules make a workplace of the cashier. Such a multipurpose cash equipment allows to do flexible and low cost automated workplace for cashiers, barmen, waiters.

Our company offers the cash equipment for small shops, taxi and supermarkets. There are such brands of the fiscal registers as «Hepard», «Felix», «Shtrih-M» to optimize the work of the operator. This device is integrated with a computer system and works under control of the software with a popular accounting system 1C.

The managers of sales of our company will help you to choose the cash equipment and will offer an optimal solution for full automation of your sales points. All the machines are included in the Public register. And the warranty of the manufacturer provides a troubleproof work.